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The WEA Trust is offered in 62 of Wisconsin's 72 counties and features thousands of health care providers.

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Health Plan Benefits

No matter which service area you live in, you’ll get a comprehensive health plan that fits the needs for you and your family.


Your Right to Choose

Each year, the “It’s Your Choice” enrollment period gives you a chance to choose your health plan. Whether you want someone new or want to keep your current doctor, it’s likely that one of our networks has what you’re looking for. Additionally, our plan offers benefits (at a lesser level) if you see non-network providers. So if you’re on vacation or have kids at college, you’ll still receive benefits. Non-network services are reimbursed at 70% after the annual deductible ($1,000 individual, $2,000 family) is met. Visit our network directory.

Our Customer Service

Our customer service representatives are local, friendly and provide individual attention to address your individual concerns. When you contact WEA Trust about our services, we’ll always have an answer. Don’t believe us? Give us a call at 800-279-4000 and speak to a live person right away.

Value-added services

Besides excellent health care coverage, WEA Trust offers you an array of discount networks for services not covered by the health plan. Our vision network give you discounts on eyeglasses, lenses, contacts and even laser correction surgery. We also offer access to reduced prices in our Complementary and Alternative Medicine Network for services such as yoga and nutritional counceling.

Our Health and Wellness Program

All adults are eligible to receive a $150 Visa® Prepaid Card by completing the online health assessment and submitting verifiable biometric results. Once we receive your verified results for your blood pressure, body mass index, cholesterol and glucose, you are on your way to putting more money in your pocket. Get more information by visiting weatrust.com/rewards.

Our Care Management Program

Health changes can be scary, and they can be even scarier when you’re facing a chronic ailment or serious medical condition you know nothing about. That’s why here at WEA Trust, we provide care management programs to ensure that you are never alone. Our managers will make sure you receive care that is up to national medical standards.

Health Benefit coverage

We administer the state’s Uniform Health Benefits as directed by the Employee Trust Funds.  For more information on specific benefit coverage, refer to the It’s Your Choice 2014 Reference Guide for state employees or local government employees.

Dental benefits

Your health plan also includes the state’s Uniform Dental Benefits. Click here for more information.