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IYC Medicare Plus

IYC Medicare Plus will continue to be a Medicare supplement plan for eligible annuitants and their dependents who select the IYC Access Health Plan and the State Maintenance Plan (SMP).

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IYC Medicare Plus – Adding SilverSneakers® for 2019!

Good news for 2019—SilverSneakers® is now part of your IYC Medicare Plus plan with WEA Trust! For more than 25 years, SilverSneakers® has championed senior fitness.

Unlimited access to more than 15,000 fitness locations*—just show them your WEA Trust Insurance ID card with the SilverSneakers® logo.

Portable membership—join more than one fitness location at a time and in various cities.

Fitness designed for all levels and abilities, led by certified instructors trained in adult fitness.

Watch the video below to learn more


IYC Access Plan

The It's Your Choice Access Health Plan (formerly Standard Plan) is a comprehensive health plan that provides you with freedom of choice among hospitals and physicians in Wisconsin and nationwide. A higher level of benefits is available by using preferred or in-network providers, which are available nationwide.

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State Maintenance Plan

The State Maintenance Plan, or SMP, is a health plan that offers Uniform Benefits. SMP is designed to provide a health plan option for members who live or work in areas without adequate access to in-network providers or hospitals.


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