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IYC Medicare Plus

With IYC Medicare Plus, you are not bound by a network, having the freedom to see any doctor anywhere who accepts Medicare. You can even receive reimbursement worldwide for services typically covered by Medicare. This plan works with Medicare, acting as a supplement for the portion of covered services not paid by Medicare. IYC Medicare Plus will also continue to be a Medicare supplement plan for eligible annuitants and their dependents who select the IYC Access Health Plan and the State Maintenance Plan (SMP).

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IYC Medicare Plus Includes SilverSneakers®

SilverSneakers® is part of your IYC Medicare Plus plan with WEA Trust at no additional cost! For more than 25 years, SilverSneakers® has championed senior fitness.

Unlimited access to more than 16,000 fitness locations*—just show them your WEA Trust Insurance ID card with the SilverSneakers® logo.

Portable membership—join more than one fitness location at a time and in various cities.

Fitness designed for all levels and abilities, led by certified instructors trained in adult fitness.

Go to to find a participating location near you.

IYC Access Plan

The It's Your Choice Access Health Plan is a comprehensive health plan that provides you with freedom of choice among a broad network of hospitals and physicians in Wisconsin and nationwide. A higher level of benefits is available by using preferred or in-network providers, which are available nationwide.

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State Maintenance Plan

The State Maintenance Plan, or SMP, is a health plan that offers Uniform Benefits. SMP is designed to provide a health plan option for members who live or work in areas without adequate access to in-network providers or hospitals.



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