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Providing health insurance for Wisconsin public employees since 1970.

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IYC Medicare Plus

Of all your insurance options, WEA Trust is the only one specifically created for Wisconsin public employees—state, local government and schools. We value and believe in the work state and public employees do for Wisconsin. Public employees and their families are the only people we insure, and because we have been doing it for more than 50 years, we think we do it pretty well.

WEA Trust Has You Covered

The WEA Trust IYC Medicare Plus plan is designed to supplement the benefits available under Medicare for State and Local Group Health Insurance Program retirees.

  • If your service is covered by Medicare, WEA Trust will cover the portion that Medicare doesn't pay, leaving you with no out-of-pocket costs.
  • IYC Medicare Plus includes pharmacy benefits from Navitus.
  • You can see any doctor in the United States who accepts Medicare assignment- including worldwide.coverage for Medicare-covered services, beyond urgent or emergency care.
  • As a WEA Trust member, you also have access to our Enhanced Care Solutions which include online virtual visits, a low back pain app and more!

Already a WEA Trust IYC Medicare Plus Member and want to stay on our plan?

You do not need to fill out any forms or submit anything. 

If you make no changes, you will stay on your current plan. For State and Local members, see the 2021 Certificate of Coverage by clicking here.

WEA Trust Care Management

Personalized guidance when you need it

Many people with serious health circumstances often have other healthcare needs too. With our Care Management team, instead of dealing with multiple people for each concern, you have one single point of contact, your care manager. Care managers work directly with you to answer your questions, offer guidance and address your specific needs to help you achieve the best health outcomes.

Enhanced Care Solutions

Unique to your WEA Trust IYC health plan

Our Enhanced Care Solutions change the way you live and how you interact with the healthcare system. They help you take control of your health by making healthcare easier, more convenient and affordable.

Maddy Virtual Care: Now Includes Psychiatry

Stay safe in the comfort of your own home—doctors on Maddy Virtual Care can treat, diagnose and prescribe to your local pharmacy.

Medical and Therapy Virtual Visits

Easy and Convenient

No need to drive to an appointment and sit in a waiting room. With WEA Trust's Maddy Virtual Care, you can start a doctor visit on your smartphone, tablet or computer. 



Hello Maddy! Online help 24/7

Meet Maddy, our online portal that provides you with 24/7 access to your health insurance information. With Maddy, you’ll have everything you need to know about your WEA Trust plan in one easy-to-use location. You can check your claim status, view your current deductible progress, message a Customer Service agent and more! 

Remote Health Monitoring

Remote health monitoring shifts healthcare from being reactive to proactive. Through real time communications, you are able to continually engage with a Care Manager who will encourage healthy choices, help reduce future hospitalizations and improve your overall wellbeing. Remote Health Monitoring is available for members with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), depression, high blood pressure/hypertension and asthma. 



"We've been with WEA for many, many years. I just have to say that I feel extremely thankful and fortunate to have you guys as our provider. We've had such excellent service, and coverage, and understanding with them. Anytime there's been an issue, anybody I've dealt with has gone above and beyond. You guys are excellent. I just wanted to say thank you and keep providing great coverage for all of us."

Lorrie Dankemeyer,
WEA Trust Health Plan member



“At WEA Trust the people have always been very engaging and very much interested in knowing how they can help and following through... I would absolutely recommend WEA Trust. Hands down.”

Jerry Rousseau,
WEA Trust Health Plan member



“We used Amwell for my son, he had a really bad cold with a fever. Within two minutes I had a prescription waiting at our pharmacy. It’s an incredibly great tool, it’s fast and so easy. Cuts your time and bill in half.”

Chelsie Staley,
WEA Trust Health Plan member



“The helpful people on the other end of the phone line are absolutely crucial for WEA. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad outcome when I call. They look it up, they are knowledgeable, pleasant and it’s very good coverage, too, but this human piece of it makes a big difference.” 

Barbara Hanson,
WEA Trust Health Plan member




Our 2020 ETF Member Grievance Ratings speak for themselves.

WEA Trust State Health Plans are consistently rated tops when it comes to resolving member complaints. ETF describes grievances as: “The first step in resolving member complaints. Lower rates may be more desirable when selecting a health plan.” The chart shows 2020 grievances per 1,000 members for each health plan.


How to Choose
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  1. Click here to log into your myETF Benefits account to enroll online. Follow the instructions and make sure to select "WEA Trust – IYC Medicare Plus" as your network.
  2. OR

  3. Download the Health Insurance Application/Change Form, fill it out the entire form, make sure to write "WEA Trust – IYC Medicare Plus" under "Choose a Health Plan" and return it to ETF.
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