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Health Plan Benefits

Health Plan Benefits

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Each year, the “It’s Your Choice” enrollment period gives you a chance to choose your health plan. Whether you want someone new or want to keep your current doctor, it’s likely that one of our service areas has what you’re looking for.

Health Benefit Coverage

WEA Trust administers the state’s Uniform Health Benefits as directed by the Employee Trust Funds (ETF).

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2021 Local Certificates of Coverage

Enhanced Care Solutions

WEA Trust All Joints Program

Our All Joints Program by Kiio is a free mobile app that takes you through a sequence of exercise routines created to strengthen your back, knee, neck and hips - and decrease your pain. To learn more about this scientifically proven program and to sign up today, visit

Diabetes Management Program

The WEA Trust Diabetes Management Program is powered by Livongo. It provides valuable tools that make living with diabetes easier, including 24/7 access to a Certified Diabetes Educator, the easy-to-use InTouch Blood Glucose Monitoring System unlimited test strips and monitoring supplies at no cost to you. Learn more and enroll at  

WEA Trust Partners with Cologuard

WEA Trust offers Cologuard, a free at-home colorectal screening option for those 45 to 75 years of age. Cologuard detects altered DNA and blood in your stool to find 92% of colorectal cancers. Abnormal DNA and blood in your stool could be associated with cancer or precancer. To receive a Cologuard test, talk to your healthcare provider or visit for more information.

Remote Health Monitoring

Remote health monitoring shifts healthcare from being reactive to proactive. Through real time communications, you are able to continually engage with a Care Managers who will encourage healthy choices, help reduce future hospitalizations and improve your overall wellbeing. Remote Health Monitoring is available for members with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), depression, high blood press/hypertension and asthma. Learn more at

NOVO Health

At the Trust, we strive to offer you the highest-value care. We’ve partnered with top providers to offer you bundled pricing on more than 75 procedures, from orthopedic surgeries to breast reconstruction. If you need to have an orthopedic procedure, like a knee surgery or hip replacement, NOVO Health is one of the highest quality options you can choose. For more information and a list of eligible procedures, visit 

Our Health Programs


Care Management Program

Health changes can be scary, and they can be even scarier when you’re facing a chronic ailment or serious medical condition you know nothing about. That’s why here at WEA Trust, we provide care management programs to ensure that you are never alone. Our managers will make sure you receive care that is up to national medical standards.


To help contain costs and ensure that the services paid for by your health plan are medically necessary and appropriate, some services require our authorization before you receive them. See services requiring preauthorization.


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