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Health Plan Benefits

Health Plan Benefits

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Each year, the “It’s Your Choice” enrollment period gives you a chance to choose your health plan. Whether you want someone new or want to keep your current doctor, it’s likely that one of our service areas has what you’re looking for. 

WEA Trust Value-added services

Besides excellent health care coverage, WEA Trust offers you an array of discount networks for services not covered by the health plan.  A $200 Healthy Balance Rebate, Trek Bicycle discount, and a health meal-planning subscription discount. 

2017 ETF Program Changes

The State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program is implementing a number of changes starting January 1, 2017. Among them:

  • The $150 Well Wisconsin Incentive will continue to be available in 2017, but it will no longer be administered by health plans. ETF has contracted with StayWell for all aspects of Well Wisconsin. Visit for more information.


Check out the Comparison of Medical Benefits Chart for state employees and their families.

WEA Trust's Competitive Medicare Rates for 2017

Like all plans that offer It's Your Choice Health Plan coverage, the WEA Trust coordinates the benefits with Medicare Parts A and B. For benefit information, see theComparison of Medical Benefits for retirees with Medicare.

Our Health Programs

Care Management Program

Health changes can be scary, and they can be even scarier when you’re facing a chronic ailment or serious medical condition you know nothing about. That’s why here at WEA Trust, we provide care management programs to ensure that you are never alone. Our managers will make sure you receive care that is up to national medical standards.

Health Benefit Coverage

We administer the state’s Uniform Health Benefits as directed by the Employee Trust Funds (ETF). You can find a Summary of Benefits for our ETF plans here. For more information on specific benefit coverage, state employees and retirees should refer to ETF's Uniform Benefits. Local government employee benefits vary slightly by plan: Local Traditional, Local Deductible, Local Health Plan, and Local High Deductible Health Plan.


To help contain costs and ensure that the services paid for by your health plan are medically necessary and appropriate, some services require our authorization before you receive them. See services requiring preauthorization.


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