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Health Plan Benefits

Health Plan Benefits

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Each year, the “It’s Your Choice” enrollment period gives you a chance to choose your health plan. Whether you want someone new or want to keep your current doctor, it’s likely that one of our service areas has what you’re looking for.

Health Benefit Coverage

WEA Trust administers the state’s Uniform Health Benefits as directed by the Employee Trust Funds (ETF). Local government employees benefits vary slightly by plan: Local Traditional, Local Deductible, Local Health Plan, and Local High Deductible Health Plan.

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Enhanced Care Solutions for ETF Members

Our Enhanced Care Solutions change the way you live and how you interact with the healthcare system. They help you take control of your health by making healthcare easier, more convenient and affordable.

A New Way To Manage Your Low Back Pain
Whether you have chronic low back pain or you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, WEA Trust offers an easy and convenient tool to manage your low back pain.
Our WEA Trust Low Back Pain Program, powered by Kiio, is a scientifically-backed program designed for you. This free program takes you through a sequence of exercise routines created by experts in spine physical therapy for your specific type of low back pain. More Information


Making Life with Diabetes Easier
If you or a family member are a WEA Trust health plan member and have been diagnosed with diabetes, you qualify for our Livongo for Diabetes™ program*. This cutting-edge program includes a smart touchscreen glucose meter and unlimited lancets and test strips — all at no cost to you! More Information



WEA Trust + CancerCARE Powered by Interlink®
We think that everyone should receive the right care at the right time and the right place. With the WEA Trust + CancerCARE program, we help you navigate through your treatment journey by providing access to Centers of Excellence for specific cancer diagnosis, a dedicated nurse who specializes in your condition, unlimited education materials and more. More information



WEA Trust Value-added Services

In addition to excellent health care coverage, WEA Trust offers you a $200 Healthy Balance Rebate. 

Our Health Programs

Care Management Program

Health changes can be scary, and they can be even scarier when you’re facing a chronic ailment or serious medical condition you know nothing about. That’s why here at WEA Trust, we provide care management programs to ensure that you are never alone. Our managers will make sure you receive care that is up to national medical standards.


To help contain costs and ensure that the services paid for by your health plan are medically necessary and appropriate, some services require our authorization before you receive them. See services requiring preauthorization.


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