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Trust Perks

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$200 Healthy Balance Rebate

We believe in the power of good health. Healthy Balance Rebate gives you three options to earn $100 per person, or $200 per family.1

  • Exercise: Join or continue your membership at a health club or gym.
  • Weight management: Participate in a Weight Watchers® program.
  • Healthy eating: Purchase a produce share in a Community Supported Agriculture program.

How does it work?

Submit a Healthy Balance reimbursement form and a receipt to WEA Trust, no later than November 30, 2019 each year. Proof of payment receipts must be from the same year you are seeking a rebate. For example, a reimbursement request in 2019 must show payment made in 2019.

We will process rebate checks on a quarterly basis after verification. The Healthy Balance Rebate is limited to $100 per adult member, $200 per family for you and your dependents age 18 and above.

Deadline: Completed rebate requests and supporting material must be postmarked or faxed to WEA Trust by November 30, 2019.

Click here for our 2019 Healthy Balance Rebate form

1Please note: All wellness incentives paid to participants of the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program are considered taxable income to the group health plan subscriber and are reported to their employer, who will issue a W2. In some cases, the Wisconsin Retirement System acts as the employer. Retirees, continuants and their spouses will have some taxes withheld from the incentive amount earned. Health information is protected by federal law and will never be shared with the WI Dept. of Employee Trust Funds, the group health insurance program or your employer.

Healthy Balance Rebate Frequently Asked Questions

General Healthy Balance Rebate Questions

1. To earn up to a $100 rebate for a gym membership, Weight Watchers’ class, or a community supported agriculture produce share, you must:

  • Be a WEA Trust State Health Plan member over 18 years of age.
  • Download and fill out the WEA Trust Healthy Balance Rebate form.
  • Include proof of payment made in the same plan year for one of the three qualified options. (Handwritten receipts not accepted).

2. Do I need to fill out and submit a Healthy Balance Rebate form each year?

Yes. The program is subject to change annually.

3. Do I have to do my health assessment and biometric screening to get the Healthy Balance Rebate?

No, the Healthy Balance Rebate operates independently from your health assessment and biometric screenings. We encourage all eligible adults to take their health assessment and get biometric results to earn the $150 Well Wisconsin incentive. A health assessment and biometrics can help discover and address health concerns early.

4. When will I receive my rebate check?

Rebate checks will be issued quarterly—April, July, October, and January of the following year.

5. Is the Healthy Balance Rebate taxable?

WEA Trust is required to report all reimbursements and health-plan issued incentives to your employer for payroll and tax purposes.

Gym Membership Questions

1. What fitness centers are eligible for the Healthy Balance Rebate?

Eligible fitness centers are those with cardio and/or strength training equipment or classes.

2. What fitness centers or equipment are NOT eligible for the Healthy Balance Rebate?

  • Aquatic centers (swimming lessons), country club, online fitness, or golf memberships are not eligible.
  • Home fitness equipment or shoes are not eligible. The rebate is limited to membership fees for services/programs, not equipment.

3. Can I receive a $200 rebate for my family gym membership fees?

Yes, if you have a family health plan contract and family gym membership contract. The subscriber and an enrolled adult dependent (age 18 or above) must be listed on the fitness center membership contract. Individual gym memberships are limited to $100 per adult member. The subscriber must submit a Healthy Balance Rebate form, gym membership contract, and payment receipts.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Questions

1. What is a CSA share?

A CSA share typically comes from a participating farm in your area. You become a member of the local farm by purchasing a “share” in that farm. You then receive regular deliveries of fresh produce throughout the growing season (typically late May to November).

2. Where can I find a participating program?

3. Can I buy a meat share or cheese/dairy share and qualify for the rebate?

No, only fresh produce shares (half or whole) qualify for the rebate.

4. Can a family get $200 for a CSA membership?

Yes, but you must have a family health plan contract. A healthy balance rebate form along with proof of payment and the CSA sign-up form must be submitted to be eligible for the rebate.

Weight Management Questions

1. What do I need to do to get reimbursement for being a Weight Watchers’ member?

Submit the Healthy Balance Rebate form along with proof of 2018 payment for any of the following: Online Plus, Meetings + Online Plus, or Total Access.

2. Are other weight management programs eligible for the rebate?

No, only Weight Watchers’ programs are eligible for the Healthy Balance Rebate.

3. Can an individual get $200 for a Weight Watchers membership?

No. But if two adult family members with a WEA Trust health plan have Weight Watchers memberships, each family member could earn a $100 rebate, up to $200 total.

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